The hidden dangers in hospital water systems

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The hidden dangers in hospital water systems

Roy Sullivan, a Senior Consultant at Water Hygiene Centre Ltd discusses water systems in hospitals and its hidden bacterial dangers… 

Due to their complex design and often considerable size, hospital water systems can harbour a multitude of pathogens and microorganisms. Amongst the most common in healthcare water systems are gram-negative bacteria such as legionella, with other lesser known organisms such as mycobacteria. Fungi and mould may also be present, if less abundant.

Water Safety Groups (WSG) need to be aware of the multiple water hygiene threats that could potentially colonise their water systems and result in dangerous bacterial outbreaks amongst vulnerable populations. Where there is a foreseeable risk from any waterborne pathogens, then a suitable action plan including appropriate control measures must be put into place via the Water Safety Plan (WSP) and the WSG.

HTM04-01 provides a limited overview of possible potential waterborne pathogens, though whether this is adequate could be debated as the focus remains primarily on Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  Read more…

The hidden dangers in hospital water systems


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