The use of BIM in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Iceland

Mistakes cost money, time and resources, the sharing and communication of information is essential in the need to avoid remediation.  The following provides an opportunity to see how European countries are applying Building Information Modelling (BIM)…

 The use of BIM in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Iceland

After reviewing the degree of integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in France, Germany, Ireland and Italy , we continue the review of the EU BIM Observatory report, presented in the last edition of the European BIM Summit , we continue the journey through the United Kingdom, Denmark and Iceland .

The United Kingdom leads BIM processes in Europe , with actions in infrastructures as ambitious as the high-speed line to connect London with Birmingham and Manchester with Leeds. Denmark is one of the most developed countries in the digital construction sector, and a pioneer in legislating on BIM. In Iceland, the private sector has taken the initiative.

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