Toronto: ZooShare Biogas Project Goes Live, First of its Kind in Canada

Joined up thinking works!!

ZooShare Biogas Project Goes Live, First of its Kind in Canada

The ZooShare Biogas Cooperative, in partnership with the Toronto Zoo, Loblaw Companies Ltd. and EnerFORGE announced that its most recent project has gone live. The ZooShare Biogas Project is the first of its kind in Canada and an example of the circular economy in action.

It converts 2,000 tons of Zoo manure and 15,000 tons of food waste from grocery stores, restaurants and other businesses around the Greater Toronto Area into enough renewable power for approximately 250 homes while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by as much as 20,000 tons per year. Additionally, after the incoming material has been processed it can be spread on nearby farm fields to support the growth of food the following season.

“ZooShare’s launch represents a huge milestone for the 807 co-op members who invested in the project and supported its development. We’re proud to show what can be achieved through cooperation and collaboration with organizations committed to implementing solutions that make a positive impact on our environment and community,” said Daniel Bida, Executive Director, ZooShare Biogas Cooperative.

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