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WOBO is pleased to provide further dates for your diaries and professional development during 2024.

World Hydrogen 2024 Summit & Exhibition is returning to the Rotterdam Ahoy in less than 3 months and is going to be the largest edition yet!

We’re excited to offer you a COMPLIMENTARY visitor pass, providing you access to the largest hydrogen exhibition in Europe and opportunity to engage with over 15,000 hydrogen professionals and over 500 global exhibitors across 5 exhibition floors during 13-14 May.

Whether you’re wanting to meet your next business partner, increase your industry knowledge or network with top hydrogen leaders – join us at the landmark event in the industry’s calendar.

See which companies you can find at the exhibition by viewing the floorplan. Don’t miss your chance and register today to save disappointment.

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Escape Door System Webinar – Thursday 7th March 2024 at 12:00pm

The Escape Door System has been developed specifically to comply with the three elements of BS EN 13637, the standard for electrically controlled exit systems for use on escape routes.

Installing the Escape Door System ensures compliance, security and the ability to implement dynamic lockdown procedures, which can vitally assist evacuation during emergency scenarios such as a fire, gas leak or terrorist event.

Register for your space on this EDS webinar

Join us on a journey to explore the latest innovations and sustainable practices transforming building envelopes in the next event in our buildings, design, and specification series.

This engaging and enlightening session, run in partnership with Carlisle, is designed for architects and design professionals from across the supply chain eager to explore the latest innovations and sustainable practices transforming building envelopes.

The CPD-certified event, which is taking place at Manchester Hall on 18 April, will cover a trio of case study presentations from leading architects covering broad range of building typologies and performance criteria. The event will explore key considerations that impact the specification and delivery of building envelopes across a variety of projects.

Building control: Navigating the impact of regulatory changes on the wider UK sector

Tuesday 19 March 2024 – 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Building control professionals play a critical role in ensuring the safety and quality of our built environment. From April 2024 the profession will be regulated by the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) to raise industry standards and increase public trust. This will include a requirement for building control professionals to register with BSR.

In this session we will explore the transformative changes in building control regulations and their profound implications for the wider UK sector. Join us for an insightful webinar that aims to decipher the nuances of recent amendments, equipping professionals and stakeholders with the knowledge needed to thrive in this evolving regulatory landscape.

Key points include:

In-depth regulatory overview: Our expert panel will provide a detailed analysis of the recent changes to building control in the UK. From updated codes to new compliance requirements, gain a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory shifts shaping the sector.

Sector-specific insights: Tailored discussions will delve into how these changes uniquely impact various professions and sectors within construction. Whether you’re involved in residential construction, commercial development, or infrastructure projects, our experts will address the specific challenges and opportunities arising from the amended regulations.

Compliance strategies: Navigate the evolving regulatory framework with confidence. Learn about the revised compliance strategies and best practices that will ensure your projects adhere to the latest building control standards, fostering efficiency and excellence.

Technological integration: Explore the role of technology in adapting to the changes in building control. Discover innovative solutions and digital tools that can streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and facilitate compliance in the modern construction landscape.

Implications for stakeholders: Understand how the regulatory changes impact key stakeholders, including architects, developers, contractors, and local authorities. Gain insights into collaborative approaches that foster effective communication and project success.   –  Register now

HSM Webinar
Join HSM and MSA Safety on 28 March at 10:30am (GMT) to tackle the complex issues of gas detectors.
Tracking visibility and ensuring worker accountability for equipment breaches, damages, and managing hundreds of gas detectors can be challenging.

Our upcoming webinar, “Digitally Manage Your Fleet and Enhance Visibility with Connected Gas Detectors,” directly tackles these complex issues. We’ll introduce innovative strategies for fleet management and safety monitoring, highlighting how digital tools and connected technologies can transform the way you monitor your safety equipment’s status, location, and maintenance needs.

Discover the power of real-time data, cloud-based management, and how connected gas detectors play a crucial role in improving operational efficiency and compliance.
All attendees will receive a one-hour CPD certificate. – REGISTER NOW



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