UK: Hydrogen blending ready for UK-wide rollout

Energy sources to be maximised.

Image: ENA

The UK’s gas grid will be ready for distributors to begin using hydrogen and natural gas blends from 2023, industry body the Energy Networks Association (ENA) has stated, urging Ministers to increase policy support for the move.

The Association, which represents the UK’s gas and electricity transmission and distribution licence holders, has today (13 January) published a delivery plan for scaling hydrogen blending across the UK. According to the plan, all five of Britain’s gas grid companies will be capable of completing the necessary pipe upgrades to deliver a 20% hydrogen blend from winter 2023-2024. Minimal upgrades will be required, the report concludes.

UK regulations limit the blend to a maximum of 0.1% hydrogen in public gas networks and 23% hydrogen in closed networks, and, to date, 20% blends have only been trialled. For example, Northern Gas Networks’ ‘HyDeploy’ project, delivered in partnership with Keele University, Cadent and Progressive Energy, saw a 20% hydrogen blend injected into an existing gas network. It was found that this had no impact on the gas users, paving the way for a public network trial featuring 670 homes and a school in Winlaton, Gateshead.

The ENA is reassuring the public that blends of 20% will not require them to change their boilers, cookers or radiators.  Read more…

Hydrogen blending ready for UK-wide rollout next year, industry body announces


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