UK: LABC Warranty Technical Manual Version 10

WOBO Governor David Gibson thanks LABC for the link to their manual and encourages members and fellow professionals to take a look.

LABC Tech Manual v10 Published

LABC Warranty Technical Manual Version 10

Published and free to download

The latest edition of the LABC Warranty Technical Manual has been published and is now available for you to download.

Our comprehensive guide, now in its 10th iteration, provides detailed build guidance supported by an array of technical drawings and references to third-party standards.

The 466-page manual is broken down into logical “build part” sections covering everything from ground conditions to roofing.

For warranty, the general Functional Requirements for acceptance are summarised at the start of the manual, with additional Functional Requirements relevant for each build part highlighted at the start of their respective section.

With 25,000 downloads and more than 160,000 page views of Version 9 alone, the LABC Warranty Technical Manual has already proved itself an important reference for builders, developers, architects and others working in the construction sector. Read more

Sample of LABC Warranty Technical Manual pages


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