UK: SG4:22 Preventing falls in scaffolding operations

Scaffolding – prevention of falls.

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December 2022 saw the launch of the NASC (National Access and Scaffolding Confederation) SG4:22: Preventing falls in scaffolding operations guidance.

This long awaited, core NASC document replaces SG4:15, providing industry best practice for fall prevention when erecting tube and fitting and now also includes system scaffolding.

It features detailed scaffolding sector analysis and safety guidance, with key figures and illustrations, to bring it to life.

The key changes are:

  • removal of obsolete technology and embracing of new
  • updates to reflect changes brought in with TG20:21
  • inclusion of modular system scaffolding as well as traditional tube and fitting
  • additional safety guidance on working on beams
  • hazards, risks and control measures required when working on fragile roofs
  • improved Safe System of Work for temporary roofs and the prevention of falls

Download SG4:22 for free from the NASC shop.

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