UK: – Structure CROSS Newsletter 60

Structural incidents/accidents are all around us and are sometimes caused by a lack of professional understanding, inadequate risk assessment and poor communication.

979 Outdoor video screens – This report is to raise concerns about certain video screen systems being used out of doors for public displays with large numbers of people in close proximity.

845 Weld de-specification – A reporter’s firm was engaged as sub-contract fabricators for a main contractor and was asked to de-specify full and partial penetration butt welds and replace with fillet welds.

940 Fire in multi-storey car parks – Following the fire at the car park in Liverpool, a reporter is concerned by the reluctance of the industry to voluntarily take on board and proactively react to the lessons learnt.

946 Swimming pool ceiling collapses – A reporter writes about the collapses of two swimming pool ceilings due to failure of the fixings.

950 Inadequate punching shear reinforcement – Remedial works were required in a number of residential buildings after inadequate punching shear reinforcement was identified.

968 Execution not matching design assumptions – Eccentric loading from a column caused the pair of beams supporting the column to rotate.

971 Workmanship in domestic buildings – A steel beam had the web cut away at the support to avoid having to divert some services.



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