UK’s post-Brexit environmental watchdog officially formed

Environment Bill -action announced!

The OEP's launch process has taken around a year longer than initially expected, due to delays in the Environment Bill's passage through Parliament

After the Environment Bill received Royal Assent last week, the UK Government has confirmed the legal formation of its post-Brexit environmental watchdog.

The Office for Environmental Protection (OEP) was originally meant to be fully operational by the end of January 2021. It is being created to ensure that businesses and local authorities comply with the UK’s long-term green policy requirements, following the UK’s exit from the EU. The European Commission had previously performed this function in the UK.

But the Environment Bill needed to pass before the body could launch, and its progress through Parliament was plagued by Brexit and Covid-19-related delays. In total, the Bill’s passage through Parliament took more than two years.

With the Bill having passed last week, the OEP has today (17 November) confirmed that it has been legally formed, following its launch as an Interim body this summer.

In a statement sent to media representatives this morning, the OEP stated that itwill begin the transition to an independent entity in early 2022. In the coming weeks, it will work on fleshing out its strategic approach.  Read more…

UK’s post-Brexit environmental watchdog officially formed

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