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WOBO is pleased to announce that WOBO President Paul Myers has joined the group as an advisor in respect of Sustainability and Environmental Management in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Subject: Invitation of President of WOBO to join WISDP of UNESCO HK
Dear Mr. Myers,
I am a long standing member of WOBO.  Recently, I am assisting United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization HK (www.unesco.hk) in its global project (www.wisdp.org.hk).  UNESCO HK founded WISDP as a training establishment and a certification body of Sustainable Development Planners (SDPs).  We are training professionals who would support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (http://wisdp.org.hk/un_17sdgs.htm).
Mr. Raymond Chan, VP of WOBO has joined WISDP and become a certified SDP.  He will assume the role of Co-Chair of the Sustainability & Environmental Management (http://wisdp.org.hk/division.htm).  I am now writing to invite your goodself to be part of WISDP too.  You are cordially invited to be a Vice President (http://wisdp.org.hk/vice_president.htm) or Honorary Advisor (http://wisdp.org.hk/hon_adviser.htm) of WISDP.
When WOBO and WISDP/UNESCO HK are international bodies under the UN, we should be able to collaborate with each other and work towards the global sustainability.  After all, UNESCO HK can introduce the WISDP initiative to the global membership and professional network of WOBO.  Simultaneously, WOBO’s great work will also be made known to the members of WISDP & UNESCO HK.
If you are willing to share your expertise and knowledge in a wider scope and a global context, please accept my initial invitation.  Then, I shall nominate your goodself to WISDP & UNESCO HK.
Thank you for your consideration and positive feedback in advance.
Faithfully Yours,
Prof. Gryphon Sou
Deputy Registrar General of WISDP
Associate Vice President of UNESCO HK

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