WOBO President Paul Myers recognised for his contribution to the Building Safety Industry

WOBO Governors are pleased to present the contribution made by our President in the promotion of Building Safety and Code development.

Paul Myers’ Valuable Contribution to the Formation of the Code Council

A Career Motivated by Passion: Paul Myers’ Valuable Contribution to the Formation of the Code Council

With a passion for building safety, Paul Myers’ reflects on his successful career and his contributions to the formation of the International Code Council.

2024 marks a significant milestone for Paul Myers, Chief Building Official for the City of Loveland, Ohio, as he celebrates an impressive 50th anniversary of working in the building safety industry.

Paul’s influence extends beyond his impressive tenure, shaping the industry by inspiring the next generation of building officials and contributing to the establishment of the International Code Council.

The Code Council was established 30 years ago to develop a single set of national model construction codes. Paul played a significant role in aiding this ground-breaking initiative.

For Paul, his start in the building safety industry began as a fluke. After graduating with a degree in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati, he initially embarked on a career in an architecture firm within the city.

However, he soon found that this career path lacked the growth and compensation he desired. So, fuelled by a desire to do more, Paul began exploring different opportunities.

“I started looking around and heard about a job in code enforcement,” said Paul. “At that time, I only had a rudimentary idea of what the profession was, but I answered the job ad anyway and got into the City of Cincinnati’s Building Department.”

It didn’t take long for Paul to grasp the intricacies of the job. His engagement and fascination with the industry bolstered the speed at which he was able to learn the necessary skills. He quickly became excited about everything he was learning about and was eager to understand the basis of building codes and the importance of ensuring they are applied correctly in his community.


“I thought I would be there only two, no more than three years… learn what I can and move on. But 30 years later, I had an absolutely grand career. After I understood what was going on I really enjoyed it. I never had a day of regret that I should have done something else or gone back to architecture.”


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