Training and Development: Quality Building Codes and Code Enforcement

WOBO as part of its extended initiatives for 2024 have elected to provide greater emphasis on training and development.  This will include a selection of articles, power points and online activities in due course.  Feel free to share this information with your contacts and encourage them to become members of WOBO and contribute to the creation and maintenance of a safe and secure built environment. 

Building Codes and Code Enforcement:

  • The advancement of technology has led to larger, more complex buildings.
  • The ability to positively impact building safety has become significantly more complex, encompassing all aspects of spatial design and construction.
  • The primary intent of a building code is to control the design, construction, use, occupancy, and maintenance of buildings.
  • Typically, codes are written in a manner to reduce risks to life and property,.
  • The growth of regulations follows the expansion of urban areas more than rural areas.
  • There is no substitute for contemporary, well-written set of building regulations.
  • The current situation regarding building codes and  building code enforcement varies dramatically throughout the world.
  • As might be expected, the industrialized nations lead the world in systematic code enforcement and the utilization of updated, contemporary building codes.
  •  The remainder of the world experiences a varying reduction in the level of code enforcement activities. This differential runs the gambit from out-of-date code documents, poor code enforcement techniques, to no code enforcement of any kind.

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Quality Building Codes and Code Enforcement

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